To make the Games as great as they can be we have arranged some educations in different fields for our volunteers. Some of our volunteering missions have educations that we strongly recommend. For example we wish that all venue hosts participate in the “CPR/First aid” and for those engaged in hospitality, which pretty much is every volunteer mission, we recommend ”Service and hospitality” as well as “The walk of Gotland”. All events will be held in Swedish except for English sports terminologies. Every date under the same education are the same, so you only need to go to one and not all dates!

Sign up by sending your name, education type and date that you are interested in and send it to Send in your registration atleast five days before the occasion and don’t hesitate, all educations is free of charge!

Service & Hospitality

Ella Wahlgren

 How to make a professional yet personal impression.

At Idrottens Hus (Färjeleden 5)

Monday 13/3 kl. 18-20

Thursday 30/3 kl. 18-20

Sunday 9/4 kl. 13-15

Wednesday 26/4 kl. 18-20

CPR and First aid

Therese Livemo

 Be at hand when someone need you the most.

 At Idrottens Hus (Färjeleden 5)

Tuesday 28/3 kl. 18-21

Thursday 13/4 kl. 18-21

Monday 24/4 kl. 18-21

 Sunday 7/5 kl. 9-12

NatWest Island Games History and status

Bo Ronsten/Per Wallstedt

Learn about how the Games began and get fresh detailes of how this years Games will take place.

At Idrottens Hus (Färjeleden 5)

Thursday 9/3  kl. 18-20

Tuesday 21/3 kl. 18-20

Thursday 20/4 kl. 18-20

Tuesday 16/5 kl. 18-20

English for athletes

Sport terminology

Marina Guldström and Janne Luthman

Get basic knowledge of usefull english before the Games.

At Idrottens Hus (Färjeleden 5)

Monday 27/3 kl. 18-21

Monday 3/4 kl. 18-21

Tuesday 9/5 kl. 18-21

Wednesday 17/5 kl. 18-21

Visby and Island history in “the Walk of Gotland”

Sofia Hoas

 Learn more about our heritage and island.

 At Gotlands museum

Tuesday 4/4 kl. 17.30-21
Sunday 7/5 kl. 11-14.30