About Volunteers

When over 3,000 competitors and team leaders from 23 islands come to Gotland, great demands is put on us as organizers and on Gotland as an island. Perhaps the most important to get the games on Gotland work are volunteers, and we need your help. We need the island hosts, venue hosts, we need help with transport, communications, sales, yes, really all you can think of. We hope that as many Gotlanders, mainlanders and anyone else who wants to be involved in creating memories for life, both for themselves and for participants in the games, want to be involved and make their mark on the NatWest Island Games in the summer of 2017.

There are all sorts of opportunities to help, whether you can just a few days, the entire week or maybe a couple more weeks or months before the Games. We hope to find roles that suit everyone.

Being a volunteer means to do it on a volunteer basis. Unfortunately we can not assist you with accommodation or the trip to Gotland. We will supply you with some food and clothes, and of course a memory for life. 

Important dates

Big Meeting 6th of May and 3rd of June

6th of May – 10.00-14.00 in Wisby Gymnasiets Aula all volunteers as well as the NatWest Island Games organization will meet to share information regarding the Games.

3rd of June – 09.30-12.30 in ICA Maxi arena. Volunteers and officials “play the Games” and collect their clothes. During this we will provide fruits and the basketball will have their kiosk open.