Travelling to Gotland

Flights arrive at Visby Airport, which is 3 km north of Visby and has regular connections all year round to Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma), Gothenburg, Malmö and Ängelholm. In the summer to Oslo.

There are as many as 30 departures a day in high season. The runway at Visby Airport is 2 000 metres long and able to handle large aircraft such as the Boeing 757/767, Airbus 311/310, DC 10 and L 1011, so there are no problems landing chartered aircraft.

High-speed ferry and air routes are Gotland motor-ways to the rest of Sweden, and there is hardly a shortage of departures.

Destination Gotland is the company that currently handles the ferry links. They operate routes to two ports on the Swedish mainland from Nynäshamn and Oskarhamn. In the summer there are up to seven departures a day. The crossing takes just over three hours on the normal large ferry. Naturally, the ferry terminal is in Visby.

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Transportation on Gotland

On arrival in and departure from Visby, free buses will be laid on to and from the accommodation. Most sports will be held in Visby and around 3 000 beds are available in and around Visby in a range of price categories. Special bus routes are set up between the accommodation and the various competition venues, making travel quick and easy. These journeys will be free to those who can show entitlement.

For more information about transportation on Gotland, please contact Pernilla Larsson