The Bo Frykenstam Award of Fair Play

NatWest Island Games is known as the friendly games. This year the Organizing Committee rewards an Island with a Fair Play prize in memory of Honorary Life Member of IIGA, Bo Frykenstam.

What is Fair play?
Fair play means good sportmanship. We cheer for everyone and respect each other. Fair Play is for example: Acting helpful, cheering in a joyful way, acting friendly in and outside the court, being honest and acting respectful to referees, spectators and competitors.

Which Island will win?
The jury, consisting of the NatWest Island Games Gotland Chairman, Vice Chairman, 2:d vice Chairman, Officer of Sports, Officer of Safety and Officer of Communications, decides which Island to win based on nominations from the Islands. Let your General Team Manager know which Island really stands for the value of fair play.

What does the Island win?
Honor and appreciation from the Islands and Organizing Committee. There will also be a memorial product from Gotland for the Island to bring home. The General Team Manager and the ones he/she choose to bring to the ceremony will receive the prize in the lovely atmosphere of Games Street. The ceremony is held Thursday 29: th of June at 7.45pm.

How do Islands nominate?
The General Team Manager nominates via e-mail to There should preferably be a short explanation of a situation where an athlete, supporter or official from the Island acted in the spirit of Fair Play.

When must the nomination be done?
At latest during General Team Manager´s meeting at 07.30 am Thursday 29: th of June.