Medical Provision NWIG 2017 Gotland

The Medical Centre will be located at the Solberga school, in the same building as the Games Office. (see
nr 1 on map)
The Centre will be staffed by; doctor, physiotherapists and first aid-personell. Basic medication will be

Opening-times; 10.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 20.00 from Sunday – Friday.

The Centre is free of charge for all IG-participants and team officials. No referrals required! Please take
into consideration that there is not a surplus of physiotherapists at the Centre, which allows for only
short treatments or consultations. As far as possible, teams are recommended to bring their own

If further examination or prescriptions are needed (or need of x-ray), referrals will be arranged through
the Medical Centre . Please note that consultations outside the Medical Centre will be charged with
patient-fees (approx. 30€) in accordance with EU-directives or other reciprocal medical agreements.
Participants should check their medical insurance!

For any questions regarding medical issues, please do not hesitate to call the Medical Centre any time of
the day (or night)! Phone numbers and map displaying the medical services will be posted on the NWIG
homepage ( and distributed to all team officials.

Other points of Primary Care will be available at the Visborg Health Centre, located next to the Visborg
Sportcentre (see nr 2 on map). No referral needed but Patient-fees (approx. 30€) will be charged.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be covered by doctors and first aid-personell. Risk assessed events
such as Triathlon, Cycling, Mountainbike and Half-marathon will be covered by paramedics/ambulance,
doctors and first aid-personell.

Emergency; call 112. Emergency care at Visby Hospital (see nr 3 on map).

Emergency Public Dental care; +46 498 203679, Mon – Fri 08.15 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16. Patient-fees will
be charged.

Pharmacies is available in the town centre, at the Visborg area, and at the Hospital (see nr 4 on map)

In case of suspected significant infectious disease during the stay (e.g. norovirus or food poisoning),
please alert the Medical Centre or the Games Office.


Doping tests will be carried out during the Games. The IGA adopt the WADA code and any athlete is strongly
encouraged to check medication –

Medical Seminar

Will take place on Sunday 25th in the morning 8 – 11 am, before the triathlon, at Visby Hospital. Further
information will be sent out at a later date.
I hope you all have an enjoyable and healthy Games!

Best regards,
Dr. Fia-Lotta Pipping
Head of Medical Services
[email protected]