Schedule for Beach Volleyball

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Schedule for Volleyball

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Gotland has a long tradition of competing in volleyball at the NatWest Island Games. Our greatest successes have been for the men’s team came with the bronze medal in 1997 on Jersey topped that with a silver medal in 2001 on the Isle of Man.

Other great achievements were at the games on Rhodes 2007 where the men’s beach volleyball team won the silver medal and at Bermuda 2013 where the women’s beach volleyball team won the bronze medal.

Volleyball is not a major sport on the island. Our men’s team is playing in the second highest league in Sweden, and has at one time been ranked as the 18th team in the country. The women’s team has competed at the same level, but is currently inactive. However, the team will jump into action for the games. Two junior teams, one for girls and one for boys, is participating in league matches on the mainland.

Beach volleyball is where Gotland has achieved most success internationally. Hannes Brinkborg went from a captain of the national team in Sweden to become a professional player and then to a career within beach volleyball. He played for several years on the World Tour and almost qualified to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Our goal is to host both volleyball and beach volleyball tournaments for men and women.

Volleyball will be held at the same location as in 1999, at the ice Stadium in Visby, while beach volleyball will take place next to the new arena, ICA Maxi Arena.


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