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Football is the biggest sport we have on Gotland. Our best men´s team, FC Gute, plays in the second division. The ladies’ best team, P18 IK, plays in division 1. Many local players have joined the major clubs on the mainland.

Gotland has extensive experience of organizing international matches and training camps. Events have included the European qualifiers for women in 1995, the European qualifying group matches for boys U18 in 2002, international friendlies for girls U18 in 2005 and 2007, and the international for boys U16 in The Sweden’s national team chose Gotland as its training camp for the World Cup in 2006 and have returned also this year. Same with the ladies’ national team, they had their training camp for the 2008 Olympics and are coming here this summer for the Olympics in London.

We have football venues in good quality both in Visby and around the island. We intend to use the following venues: Gutavallen, A7 (Visby), Väskinde, Visborgsvallen, Stenkyrka, Dalhem, Fardhem, Traume and Fårösund. There will be competitions for both men and women.


Claes Pettersson

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