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Every summer Visby Badminton Club (Visby BMK) organises the Gotland Badminton Tournament (Gotlandsspelen) in badminton, which has now grown into one of the largest international competitions in Sweden each summer, attracting hundreds of competitors every year. As well as Gotlandsspelen, the 2010 National Veterans Championship was held on Gotland. The arena where the badminton will be held is Rackethallen, which will host team competitions and the individual tournament.

Gotland’s badminton has never been stronger than it is right now. Gotland won two medals at the Games on Jerseynand things are going well on the youth front with several young players competing at top national level. Some are even good enough to represent Sweden in international competitions, giving us hope for the NatWest Island Games.

Our best club, Visby BMK, plays in division two of Sweden’s national league.


Björn Eriksson

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