To get media access to all venues, free buses during the week and entrance to the opening and closing ceremony you have to get an accreditation.

For accreditation, contact

Press center

The press center will be at Solbergaskolan, right next to Gutavallen, the home for both athletics and the main football stadium. We will offer high speed internet access, both via wifi and cable. We will also offer some refreshments and information about the day to day schedule. The Games Office will be located in the same building.

The opening hours for the press center are still to be set.

Internet during the games

At the following venues we will offer high speed internet fit for live broadcasting; Solbergabadet (swimming), ICA Maxi arena (basketball), Gutavallen (athletics and football), Södervärn (table tennis), Säve (gymnastics) and Ishallen (volleyball), and maybe at the beach volleyball venue just outside ICA Maxi arena.

If you wish to broadcast live from other venues you need to get the capacity via the 4G network, and that is something we will not provide. But the 4G connection on Gotland is generally excellent.

Facts and information 

Information about NatWest Island Games

Information about venues

Short information about Gotland

Facts and figures about Gotland (brochure made by the municipality of Gotland)

Social media 

We have a number of social media accounts where you can follow both the countdown to the games andof coursewhat’s up during the games.

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Download the Island Games 2017 logotype in different file formats.