Technical Committe meeting

Technical committe meeting for triathlon will be at Games Office.

Pre- Technical meeting: 24/6 at 16.00

Post-Technical meeting: 26/6 at 17.00

Short update and reminder!

It is only a few days left now to Nat West Island Games Gotland and we are looking forward to se you all!

Some short update and remindings!

You need to have your International Licens with you when come to the registration.

Registration at Wisby Strand will open at 9.30 – 11.15! Latest time for Bike check in for both Men and Women are 11.30!




Time Schedule for technical committe meeting

Technical committe will have the pre-meeting in Solberga school on saturday 24/6 at 16:00.

Technical committe will have the after-meeting in Solberga School on monday 26/6 at 17:00.

The Solberga School is right beside the bus station and Athletic arena.

Race information

Triathlon Information