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Pre-competition meeting of the Swimming Technical committee on Sunday june 25 at 10.00 am

at Solbergaskolan, near to Solbergabadet.

Post-competition meeting of the swimming Technical committee on Friday june 29 at 10.00 am

in Solbergaskolan.

Daily meeting for team Managers will take Place at 7.30 am-8.00 am in Solbergabadet.

Daily meeting for Officials will take Place 8.15 am and 5.15 pm.

All morning sessions will start at 9.0 am.

Evening finals will start at 6.00 pm.

Warm u will be from 6.15 am- 8.45 am.

And the second warm p will be at 3.45 pm-5.45 pm.

Opening Ceremony will be proceed the first session at 9.00am. Team representativs,flagbearer

team manager and one swimmer are to assemble in the marshalling area and to parad in

alphabetical order on to the poolside.

The swimmers party Thursday evening will take Place in the garden, next to the pool!


Short update and reminder!

It is only a few days left now to Nat West Island Games Gotland and we are looking forward to se you all!

Some short update and remindings!

You need to have your International Licens with you when come to the registration.

Registration at Wisby Strand will open at 9.30 – 11.15! Latest time for Bike check in for both Men and Women are 11.30!




Result website launched

Schedules, results, competitors and so much more is now released on our website!

Go to website

Medical seminar

Guided tours during the Games

Are you coming to Gotland for the Games this summer? Great! But make sure that you experience both Visby and Gotland to the fullest.
Together with Central Baltic Incoming we are happy to offer you two different tours, one in Visby and one to the east part of the island.
Read more about the your here and make your reservation:

Guided city walk in English

Östergarn – where the sun rises