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Guided tours during the Games

Are you coming to Gotland for the Games this summer? Great! But make sure that you experience both Visby and Gotland to the fullest.
Together with Central Baltic Incoming we are happy to offer you two different tours, one in Visby and one to the east part of the island.
Read more about the your here and make your reservation:

Guided city walk in English

Östergarn – where the sun rises



Webshop release

Tickets for the opening ceremony

If you want to experience the excitement of the opening ceremony on June 24th, now is your chance to get a hold of a ticket. We are releasing the first batch of tickets now, so if you want to make sure to have a seat at the opening ceremony follow the link and buy a ticket.

The opening ceremony will be at Strandgärdet in Visby and will commence at 19.00. The two hour long show will feature the parade of the islands, entertainment, and, of course, the water ceremony, among other things. You don’t want to miss this.

Get your ticket HERE! (English version)

Köp biljett här! (Svensk version)

Football schedule is completed

Here is all the matches with times and venues for the football tournament:


Men’s football

Group A






Sunday 25th June 17:00           Menorca – Orkney                             Stenkyrka

Sunday 25th June 17:00           Alderney – Jersey                               Väskinde


Monday 26th June 17:00         Jersey – Menorca                               Visborgsvallen

Monday 26th June 13:00         Orkney – Alderney                             Hemse


Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Menorca – Alderney                          Fårösund

Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Orkney – Jersey                                  Väskinde


Group B




Western Isles


Sunday 25th June 20:45           Gotland – Froya                                  Gutavallen

Sunday 25th June 17:00           Greenland – Western Isles                 Säve


Monday 26th June 17:00         Western Isles – Gotland                     Dalhem

Monday 26th June 17:00         Froya – Greenland                             Hemse


Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Gotland – Greenland                          Visborgsvallen

Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Froya – Western Isles                         Säve


Group C




Shetland Islands


Sunday 25th June 17:00           Guernsey – Åland                               Dalhem

Sunday 25th June 17:00           Saremaa – Shetland Isles                   Hemse


Monday 26th June 17:00         Shetland Isles – Guernsey                  Stenkyrka

Monday 26th June 17:00         Åland – Saremaa                                Fardhem


Tuesday 27th June 20:00          Guernsey – Saremaa                          Dalhem

Tuesday 27th June 20:00          Åland – Shetland Isles                        Gutavallen


Group D

Isle of Man


Ynys Môn

Falkland Islands


Sunday 25th June 17:00           Isle of Man – Hitra                             Fårösund

Sunday 25th June 17:00           Ynys Môn – Falkland Islands              Visborgsvallen


Monday 26th June 17:00         Falkland Islands – Isle of Man            Säve

Monday 26th June 17:00         Hitra – Ynys Môn                                Väskinde


Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Isle of Man – Ynys Môn                      Stenkyrka

Tuesday 27th June 17:00          Hitra – Falkland Islands                      Fardhem


Semi Finals

Thursday 29th June 13:00 Winner Group B – Winner Group A Väskinde

Thursday 29th June 13:00 Winner Group C – Winner Group D Fardhem



Thursday 29th June 20:45 5th/6th Placing Match Gutavallen

Thursday 29th June 17:00 7th/8th Placing Match Fårösund

Thursday 29th June 17:00 9th/10th Placing Match Dalhem

Thursday 29th June 17:00 11h/12th Placing Match Stenkyrka

Thursday 29th June 17:00 13th/14th Placing Match Fardhem

Thursday 29th June 17:00 15th/16th Placing Match Säve

Medal matches

Friday 30th June 12:30             Bronze Medal Match                         Väskinde

Friday 30th June 13:00             Gold Medal Match                             Gutavallen


Women’s football

Group A






Sunday 25th June 13:00           Greenland – Gotland                          Visborgsvallen

Sunday 25th June 13:00           Hitra – Menorca                                 Dalhem


Monday 26th June 20:45         Gotland – Hitra                                  Gutavallen

Monday 26th June 13:00         Menorca – Greenland                        Dalhem


Wednesday 28th June 17:00    Gotland – Menorca                            Väskinde

Wednesday 28th June 17:00    Hitra – Greenland                               Stenkyrka


Group B


Western Isles

Isle of Man

Ynys Môn


Sunday 25th June 13:00           Åland – Western Isles                        Stenkyrka

Sunday 25th June 13:00           Isle of Man – Ynys Môn                      Väskinde


Monday 26th June 13:00         Ynys Môn – Åland                              Visborgsvallen

Monday 26th June 13:00         Western Isles – Isle of Man                Fårösund


Wednesday 28th June 17:00    Åland – Isle of Man                            Dalhem

Wednesday 28th June 17:00    Western Isles – Ynys Môn                   Säve


Group C


Isle of Wight



Sunday 25th June 13:00           Jersey – Isle of Wight                         Fardhem


Monday 26th June 13:00         Isle of Wight – Gibraltar                    Väskinde


Wednesday 28th June 17:00    Gibraltar – Jersey                               Visborgsvallen



Semi Finals

Thursday 29th June 13:00 Winner Group A – Best runner-up        Visborgsvallen

Thursday 29th June 13:00 Winner Group B – Winner Group C      Stenkyrka



Thursday 29th June 17:00 5th/6th Placing Match Visborg

Thursday 29th June 13:00 7th/8th Placing Match Hemse

Thursday 29th June 17:00 9th/10th Placing Match Väskinde



Medal matches

Friday 30th June 10:00             Bronze Medal Match                         Visborgsvallen

Friday 30th June 10:30             Gold Medal Match                             Gutavallen

Get your own transport


In Visby it’s preferable to go by bike when getting from one place to another. The number of bikes is limited, so it will be on a first come, first served basis. In other words, reserve bikes for your team as soon as possible.
You will be charged on January 31st.

The rates for the week are as follows:
3-speed bicycle including helmet and insurance – 600 SEK
7-speed bicycle including helmet and insurance – 650 SEK
Tandem bicycle including helmets and insurance – 1100 SEK

Gotlands cykeluthyrning
Phone: +46 498 21 41 33

You make your reservation at



Avis Gotland
Phone: +46 498 21 98 10 

Circle K, Söderväg
Phone: +46 498 21 44 35

Circle K, Broväg
Phone: +46 498 21 68 55


Phone: +46 498 50 000