Medical Seminar NWIG 2017

Information to be distributed to NWIG Chief medical officers/medical staff;

There will be a medical seminar for all NWIG medical staff on Sunday 25th at 08 am to approx 11
am. (Note! Change of time from previous send-out in order to finish before start of triathlon.)
Breakfast will be served from 07.45 am!

Location; Aula at the beautiful Visby Hospital; enter through main entrance and turn right, walk
30 meters down the corridor. The hospital is located approx 10 min walk along the shoreline
from the Triathlon start/finish!

Some of the topics planned;
– opening words from Dr Frank Vaughan and Dr Fia-Lotta Pipping; medical cover during the games.
– asthma medication and doping; are the cross country skiers ill or not?
– athlete and pregnant; myths and truths about physical activity during pregnancy.
– short overview of Gotland parasitology ; do all tics bite?

Please let me know if you plan to attend! (respond by mail to [email protected])

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Dr. Fia-Lotta Pipping
Medical Coordinator NWIG 2017 Gotland
[email protected]